Pradeep Rohatgi

UW Distinguished Professor, MIT PhD
World leading researcher, invented our composite material



Pradeep Rohatgi is a world leader in the development of MMCs, including lightweight, self-lubricating, cast composites. His first synthesis of a cast metal matrix composite is considered a landmark in the 11,000 year history of metal casting, and he holds considerable intellectual property rights including 19 US patents [10]; he has published over 400 papers and has coedited and coauthored 12 books.

He has served as CEO of two National Laboratories and established two University-based R&D Centers at UWM. He has worked in three industries and served as a consultant to several manufacturers. Dr. Rohatgi will advise and aid in the execution of the project work, provide technical input toward the design of the processes to make the IC Hybrid, and will analyze test results.