Dave Weiss

VP of Eck Industries
Utilized industry connections leading to traction with OEMs



Dave Weiss is responsible for development and application of high performance alloys and casting concepts for the foundry industry and their customers. Eck Industries is an acknowledged leader in the production of high strength aluminum alloy/aluminum alloy composite castings. Weiss participated in the development of the lost foam casting process for magnesium alloys for which he shared the Howard Taylor award from the American Foundry Society (AFS), worked on modified low pressure casting techniques for sand molds, and recently patented a hybrid high-pressure shell casting process.

He received a second Howard Taylor Award for his work on low pressure casting of magnesium. He is past Chairman of the AFS aluminum and magnesium divisions and a current research Chairman of the magnesium division. He has authored over 36 papers on the processing and application of aluminum, metal matrix composite and magnesium castings, and in 2005, he received the Hall/Heroult Scientific Merit Award for his development work on aluminum alloys. He holds two US Patents and has successfully commercialized 5 new alloy systems, two of which were metal matrix composite systems.

Mr. Weiss has worked with Dr. Rohatgi for over 25 years and has developed trade secret manufacturing processes that allow for the mass production of composite components. Mr. Weiss will make use of his extensive background and manage production of Al-SiC-Graphite compositions, test bars and prototype cylinder liners by Intelligent Composites LLC.

Pradeep Rohatgi

UW Distinguished Professor, MIT PhD
World leading researcher, invented our composite material



Pradeep Rohatgi is a world leader in the development of MMCs, including lightweight, self-lubricating, cast composites. His first synthesis of a cast metal matrix composite is considered a landmark in the 11,000 year history of metal casting, and he holds considerable intellectual property rights including 19 US patents [10]; he has published over 400 papers and has coedited and coauthored 12 books.

He has served as CEO of two National Laboratories and established two University-based R&D Centers at UWM. He has worked in three industries and served as a consultant to several manufacturers. Dr. Rohatgi will advise and aid in the execution of the project work, provide technical input toward the design of the processes to make the IC Hybrid, and will analyze test results.

Chris Jordan

UWM Engineer, lifelong entrepreneur
Market Development Engineer/Sales



Chris Jordan (CMO of Intelligent Composites and lifelong entrepreneur) started the first Internet Service Provider in the Jacksonville Beaches area and grew it to be one of the largest in North East Florida. He sold the business at a profit to First Coast Online. Chris went back to school at UWM and obtained his Bachelors of Science degree in Civil Engineering. While in school, he worked closely with Dr. Rohatgi developing the Intelligent Composite business model. Mr. Jordan serves as PI for the project and will manage the research and team with the aid and mentorship of Mr. Weiss and Dr. Rohatgi.

Jim Hunter

Harvard MBA, owns multiple businesses
Lead discovery into liability insurance



Jim Hunter is the Entrepreneur in Residence at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee and has an MBA from Harvard Business School. He has eleven years of experience in executive capacities with large companies and twenty six years of experience as an advocate for small businesses. He is currently the president of 3 companies, vice-president of 4 companies, and director of 9 companies.

He has served as a mentor to the founders of startup businesses and owners of company buyouts. Jim is in charge of financial and facilities management, will identify new markets, and forge key relationships with other companies to position the company for Phase II of the project.

Simon Beno

UWM Engineer
Market Development Engineer/Sales


Market Development Engineer

Simon Beno tested corrosion resistant hydrophobic surface coatings on brass, copper, and cast alloys for an Industry & University Cooperative Research Program sponsored by the National Science Foundation.

Mr. Beno will work closely with David Weiss at Eck Industries to produce Al-SiC-Graphite cylinder liner coupons for testing at UW-Milwaukee, and will produce castings for engine tests.